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  • Moving into a New Home Checklist

    Tuesday, October 8, 2019   /   by Matthew Heitmann

    Moving into a New Home Checklist

    It’s only a matter of weeks now before you move into your new home. Seeing the front door or smelling the fresh paint in your imagination isn’t really silly. In fact, it’s something most homeowners can relate to.

    After all, what’s better than becoming a day closer to stepping foot in your dream home?

    As exciting as moving day is, it can turn into a disaster. To prevent that from happening, you must first guarantee that you have everything sorted out -- from making sure that you’ve contacted the moving company to checking the last drawer for items.

    Moving can be very perplexing indeed. That’s why we created a checklist to help make things easier and more convenient for you.

    Hire a reliable moving company.

    Missing or broken objects are always disheartening. That’s why your priority should be finding a dependable moving company to transport your valuables.

    Set up your utilities.

    Opening the front door of your new house, only to realize that the lights aren’t working, can turn the excitement into dismay. To avoid incidents like this, you should first check with your utility company if the electricity and water are turned on and working.

    Once you’re assured that your new home has all its plumbing and electricity functioning as expected, you can then move in with ease.

    Gather your essentials.

    Packing is the most flustering part of moving. It’s so easy to get caught up and forget the most important things you should be bringing with you. And we’re not talking about the fridge or the mattress here.

    Because the rest of your things will be tightly packed, and rummaging every box is stressful, the first box that you need to unpack should contain everything you need for the first 24 hours.

    Once you have your toilet paper and mobile phone charger packed and labeled as "open first," you can then proceed with the rest of your things.

    Unpack one box at a time.

    After a long period of traveling, you finally arrive in your new home. While there may be a million reasons to get excited, unpacking your belongings is not something you should do frantically.

    You don’t want to create a huge mess on your new home, especially on the first day. To maintain your home’s cleanliness, try to unbox only the most important belongings you have. You can open another box or two the next day. Unpacking this way guarantees that your valuables will be stored and organized in their proper locations – eliminating the chances of you losing or misplacing them.

    Finally, throw a housewarming party!

    Congrats! You can now celebrate as you’re finally living in your dream home.

    Don’t forget to wind down and meet your new neighbors. You can also start familiarizing yourself with the area or hunting for places in the neighborhood that cater to your lifestyle -- whether it’s the gym, the spa, or a coffee shop, the most important thing is you now have a place to unwind.

    To make sure that relocating will be nothing but a breeze, hire only the best moving company to transport your belongings. Not only will this eliminate the chances of missing or broken valuables; it will also give you more time and freedom to acclimate yourself with your new home.